Tuesday, May 22, 2018

a poem by 
Bewitched Chameleon

Soul Collector

Woman Collector

Adoration Collector

Tell me your name demon!

How did I come to be here, all caught up in your web?

This beautiful shiny bobble I can’t let go of, has me entangled in this gilded cage.

willingly awaiting you to call my name…

My strength depleted by circumstance

I lay broken and bare

You smelled my desires and began your descent

Playing with me…mind, body and spirit.

Taunting me with your lyrical monologues and sweet soliloquies

I am your prey.

Release me!

But you have no intention of letting me go

For you are a collector

And without your collection

You are nothing.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lucinda the Young Witch part 2

  Lucinda, filled with excitement, took Selena's hand and said in the calmest tome possible.
" Hi, I am Lucinda and she is Selena. We are here for the party."
The man looked with skepticism, tilting his head a little to the left, then looked behind them and said, " Where is your male partner?"
Selena purred hypnotically, " We have no male. We only have each other." and stroked Lucinda's long dark hair. Taking Lucinda's face in hand she kissed her deeply.
The man reached out and pulled them into the house, stepping out slightly, looking around to see if any of his neighbors had witnessed the scene in the doorway.
 He looked at the two women and giggled nervously before saying. " Ok ladies, you know the  basic party rules.  Right?"
Selena answered " Yeeeess, yes we do."
" Well then ladies, it's playtime. Please enjoy."  with that said, he opened the foyer door. There was nakedness as far as her eyes could see. She almost stripped right there in the front hallway.
 Lucinda squeezed her hand and said " Wait, patience my Pet, patience. We must pace ourselves."
Selena scratched Lucinda's hand and  pulled away. She took two steps backward with her nose in the air. Her eyes were glazed over and she took a predatory stance. She walked, almost glided up the stairs, Lucinda knew to follow her pet at times like these. When Selena was on the prowl the prey  was usually a delicious catch.  She  came to a stop at an open door, turned and smiled at Lucinda. Lucinda came to the door and looked inside. There were a few people standing on the side of the room  who watched the couple at play.  There was a large table mounted on a sphere. A woman was strapped to the table by her neck, wrist and ankles. She was strapped with her arms and legs wide apart, open, for all the voyeurs to see. Her eyes were covered with  a red silk mask. The man was dripping oil on the woman's body and chose a  random onlooker to rub on the woman's body. He gently but some weight on the edge of the table and it moved around on the sphere, the kickstand like stoppers, kept it from rolling completely over. Apparently it was enough, the woman was moaning, groaning and wiggling.  Lucinda noticed Selena's back arch, eyes squint and her ears rotated. Her attention was on the bottom part of the table and she followed Selena's gaze. She laughed, now  she understood why the lady was enjoying the rub so much. The noise that got Selena's attention was a dildo. The dildo was pushed through a hole in the table and was inserted into the lady's ass.  The woman moved her tongue around her lips wetting them as she moaned. Her body arched and relaxed again and again. It was hot and the low trance inducing Celtic music lulled Lucinda into a relaxed state. She followed the woman's body as it shook and shivered on the slow moving table. The woman curled up her pelvis several times as though she could no longer stand the dildo in her ass. Suddenly, the woman cried out and startled Lucinda and she was jarred out of her trance.  She looked around and saw Selena walking down the hallway being led by her nose. She followed her pet. The next door was slightly ajar and pushed it open. She saw Selena standing at the foot of a large round bed. She had one foot on the bed and the other on the floor. Her head was back and Lucinda heard the familiar low rolling sound of Selena's purring. She had her paws on her breast stroking them and pinching her nipples. There was the handsome man sitting on the edge with is face nestled in Selena's crotch. He had both arms under her thighs and his hands caressed her ass cheeks as he licked her pussy. Lucinda enjoyed watching Selena get pleasured. She was tempted to join her pet but decided to pleasure herself as she watched  Selena got off. She licked her fingers and let them find their way down to her wet vagina. Selena took the man's head in her hands keeping it still, and gyrate herself to orgasm on his face.  He lapped it all up, Selena, pulled the man up and stood in front of him. She rubbed her ass on his hard cock. She got on the bed and pushed herself up on all fours, taking the man's penis in her left hand she laid it in-between her ass cheeks. Lucinda knew what her pet wanted so she stopped her masturbation and walked up behind the man. She put her arms around his waist, taking his stiff large dick in her hand and massaged it. Looking at the night stand, she leaned in and picked up the lube. She rubbed it on the head of his penis and he moaned. She came around and dropped some lube on the crack of Selena's ass and let it drip down. She pushed she pushed the head of the man's penis closer and closer to Selena's asshole. The man gently teased her asshole by pushing the tip in and out, Selena rocked back and forth accepting more and more of his penis. She pushed back one time hard and fast. The man's knees buckled and he cried out " Damn!".  Lucinda was there to help him.  He Slapped Selena ass and Lucinda almost orgasm at the sight of the red hand prints. The man bent his knees and thrust deeper into Selena's ass fucking it wildly. She moaned and purred pushing backward onto the man, taking all that he gave her. Lucinda laid across the bed masturbating while someone kissed her breast and someone else kissed her neck. She watched her pet until she could not. She closed her eyes and  allowed strange hands and mouths to work her needy body. She felt a wet tongue dart on and off of her clitoris and another founds its way around her erect nipple, while hands stroked her sides. The finger tips that ran along her sides produced waves of euphoria that made her skin sensitive to the slightest stroke. It was then that she felt the soft kiss of her pet. She wanted to wrap her arms around Selena and explore sweetness of her mouth as the sensations experienced by her body intensified.   Finally she was entered , she did not know by who, nor did she care. The man was large and thick. She felt a wonderfully painful sensation as something was also entering her ass. Her arms were being held, stroked and caressed. Her breast her being sucked, her mouth explored and her body penetrated in every orifice. The large thick penis, as it thrust in and out, rubbed her spot. She was prickly, full and a explosion was on the horizon. Her rectum was too small to accommodate the cock that invaded it and she squirmed so much that the man fucking her pussy came and he came loudly.  Selena held her face and continued to kiss her until the man fucking her ass came. Lucinda could barely hold herself up long enough to let the  man under her move. Selena Slid in under her Mistress.  She pulled her close and sighed at the warmth of Lucinda's body. Lucinda was spent and could only lay atop her pet. Selena caressed her ass cheeks and gyrated her lower body against Lucinda's.  The two woman continued to hump each other as Selena kneaded Lucinda's ass hard enough to make her wince and cry out. She finally inserted two fingers into her Mistress and allowed Lucinda to fuck them as she whispered something into her ear. Lucinda fucked her pet feverishly and the orgasm was so intense that she squirted all over Selena. Selena licked her two fingers and smiled. The two woman rose from the bed to a loud round of applause. They had become the rooms  main attraction. They went grabbed each others hand and raced down the stairs.  They grabbed their Capes and ran out the door. It was almost dawn and Selena's fur was starting to grow back. Lucinda called broom and they were on their way home. As they settled down in front of the fire Lucinda stroked her pet before she would go away to transform.
" Next year's festivities will be even better my pet, I promise".
 Selena squirmed away from Lucinda and said  "Open the door, I have to go now."
Lucinda got up and opened the door. She was spent from the nights activities and she slipped into the soft warm bed.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lucinda, the Young Witch. pt 1

   The small cobblestone house sat perched on the edge of the cliff.  It's rickety wood and rope bridge, that connected it to the rest of the world, was unable to support any weight.

   A young witch sat on the window sill petting her large black familiar. It purred in her lap with every stroke. They were both filled with excitement in anticipation of the upcoming holiday celebrations.  Hallows Eve signaled the beginning of their New Year and the celebrations were always memorable.

" Just one more day Selena and we will be free to do as we please." She said as she stroked the big black cat. " No rules, no Watchers and no punishments."

  The cat began to knead her right thigh, unsheathed its nails, swiped her leg and drew blood. Lucinda dropped the cat as she jumped up surprised. Selena came over and rubbed her body over Lucinda's legs, then licked the spot where the blood landed. Lucinda twirled with glee, it was  almost time.

  She turned and looked out the window, waiting for any movement.  The trees swayed and erupted with chatter, carrying information to those who lived in the shadows. A loud cry from her bedroom sent her running in its direction.  Selena was twisting, writhing and jutting into the most unnatural positions.  The transformation was painful and got worse every year. She was sad for her pet but also filled with excitement at the thought of the fun they were going to have for the next 24 hours.


By daybreak the transformation was complete. Lucinda, tucked in her bed, felt a soft hand caress her face and cheek. The warm body that cupped hers smelled familiar even though it was different.

" Luccccinda." the silky voice purred.  " I want to go out and play."

  A small bell signaled Selena's departure from Lucinda's bed. She listened as Selena went from room to room exploring as if for the first time, sounding her bell along the way. 

   Lucinda rose, put both feet on the floor and  went into the kitchen. The  amount of blood Selena needed to transform, left her emaciated and famished. She ate nosily from the open bowls, jars and containers she could find.  Throwing open the refrigerator she spotted strawberry jam and  began  licking the sticky substance from her fingers. The  lapping  sounds drew Selena's attention and she came up from the root cellar.  She saw Lucinda sitting on the floor in front of the refrigerator and slid into the small space next to her. Lucinda stroked her pet and allowed her to lick the sweet jam from her fingers. They spent the day eating and sleeping. The transformation was hard on both of them.


" We need to start getting ready Lucinnnnda."  Selena said as she stretched and arced her back in sheer delight.

" Yes, my sweet. Time is of the essence."

Both of the women jumped out of the bed. Lucinda felt strong, renewed and full of energy. She went to the radio and turned it up as loud as it could go and they danced as they readied themselves for the evening.

" You go first." Selena said as she nudged Lucinda to the front the full length mirror, turned her around and around. When she stopped her she said.   " Say it , say it."

Lucinda rolled her eyes and said " Fine."

She stood in front of the mirror, closed her eyes and recited the important  words.

"  On this, our Hallows eve, tonight of all nights,

 may I be alluring, bewitching and desirable

 in their sight.

Cloak me in the Temptress Veil and into the darkness,

I will sail.

Decadence, debauchery and even more,

this Hallows Eve I will explore."

Lucinda finished, looked at Selena who appeared afraid and  was panting. The two women stared at each other then fell onto the floor laughing at their silliness. They made up that poem after Selena's first transformation and Lucinda's first unescorted Hallows Eve celebration.

" Let's get ready to rummmmmmmmble!" Selena mimicked the boxing announcer she heard on the radio.

The two woman danced, put on makeup, changed clothes a few times and when they were ready, they were ready. 

" There." Lucinda said looking Selena over. " You are breath taking in any form."

" And you, are purrrrrrrfect as well."

Lucinda called her broom and they were off into the night.


  Selena and Lucinda sat on the roof of the plain two story house and watched the children running through the streets yelling, screaming and laughing. Some kids were covered in chocolate, while others were yelling "Trick or treat, smell my feet. Give me something good to eat." They watched in awe until the sun went down and the children were safely  in their beds.

  They waited, occasionally  smelling the air for the scent for hedonism.  Selena tapped Lucinda and pointed at the quaint  white house tucked away in the bushes. The stream  of adults entering made Lucinda smile.

" Let's go." she said as she summoned her broom. " Over there." she whispered to it. Broom set them down behind a large oak. Holding hands they ran to the door and knocked.  The red door opened and a very handsome man said " Hello."